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Partner office Henzinger ZT GmbH

The office founder, Dr. Jörg Henzinger retires
In words

In our partner office, Geotechnik Henzinger ZT GmbH, the office founder and managing partner, Dr. Jörg Henzinger, has retired from the management at the turn of the year 2022/2023.

The management of Geotechnik Henzinger ZT GmbH will be taken over from 01.01.2023 by our long-time employee, DI Roland Lüftenegger (Salzburg location).

In the course of the next few weeks, the long-time employee of Geotechnik Henzinger ZT GmbH, DI Thomas Deutschmann, will also be appointed as an additional managing director.


Dr. Jörg Henzinger continues to work for Geotechnik Henzinger ZT GmbH as a consultant. Together with the colleagues of GDP ZT GmbH the employees of Geotechnik Henzinger ZT GmbH will manage the as usual high quality support of all given tasks. Thus, with Geotechnik Henzinger ZT GmbH, GDP ZT GmbH can now also cover the western part of Austria very well with the locally grown and still locally available competence.