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Rock slope protection L62 - Metnitztalstrasse (Austria)

Project overview:

The rural road "Metnitztal Straße" runs through a narrow gorge just below of the chateau Grades in Carinthia. Due to constant rockfalls in an approximately 500 m long part of the gorge our company was assigned to investigate the geological and geotechnical conditions of the up to 80 m high steeply inclining (rock) slopes and to elaborate a risk assessment along the jeopardized road.

The applied rock protection methods include shotcrete, rock-bolts, rockfall nets, rockfall barriers, pre-stressed anchors etc. For geotechnical monitoring an inclinometer, an extensometer, a number of load cells and monitoring points were installed.

Services provided:

  • Geotechnical mapping, site investigation (boreholes)
  • Geotechnical Expertise with the elaboration of a risk-assessment
  • Preliminary scheme including quantity survey and estimation of costs
  • Detail planning of the 1. building section
  • Consultancy during tendering
  • Statical analyses
  • Geotechnical consultancy during construction

Client: Amt der Kärntner Landesregierung, Abt. 17A Ausbau und Instandhaltung

Period: 2000 - 2003