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Apartmentbuilding Zehnerkar Mountain Resort (Obertauern, Austria)

The site is situated to the north of the mountain pass on a slope within the so-called Aichmann estate, lying to the west of the base terminal of the Grünwaldkopfbahn. The whole complex with a length of about 65 m and a width of about 25 m consists of three parts, which are constructed steplike into the slope. The depth of the building pit varies between 6 and 10 m on the roadside and (over 5 terraces) up to 41 m on the mountainside. To the east the pit reaches a depth of 22 m.

The protection of the construction pit is performed with reinforced shotcrete and - in areas with adjacent existing buildings - concrete beams with multistrand anchors. An important part of the geotechnical works is an intensive geotechnical monitoring programm.

Services provided:

  • Design of the protection of the construction pit
  • Detailed structural analysis and execution planning for the protection of the construction pit
  • Geotechnical site supervision and accompanying geotechnical monitoring

Client: Austrian Chalets Mountain Resorts GmbH

Time period: 2008 - 2009